11 quick lessons from the first week of 2022

  1. Health should be the number one priority. If you lose it, nothing else matters. Eat well, move more.
  2. Any change we want to make takes time. We must do things every day (compounding) that will anyway beneficial for us in the future. Especially towards the kind of character, we want to build, and the purpose we want to pursue.
  3. I can’t do everything, I need to be the best at one thing.
  4. I have to start small and do not have to figure out everything in the beginning. Just have to adjust with time.
  5. I must track everything I want to improve. e.g. My business states, my habits, health, gratitude, or self-growth.
  6. I must remind myself what are my values, what character I want to build, constantly.
  7. Time is anyway passing. Use it well. Spend time with your loved ones. Take some time to travel to find novelty.
  8. Read more & more & more
  9. To be happy in life, I must practice gratitude, and share my good luck with others. Not expecting anything back in return.
  10. Nothing stays the same. Everything is in motion. Everything changes.
  11. Always see the best in people.



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