Book Review: Traction — How Any Startup Can Achieve Explosive Customer Growth

Personally, this book is a slap as it turned out eye-opening and yelling the mistakes I’d made in the past that contributed to many failures. Traction can be useful for anyone who is an entrepreneur or desires to be one.

So, what is traction?

Traction is the sign that your company is ticking off.

Many entrepreneurs who build great products simply do not have a good distribution strategy. Traction (The book) simply demonstrates various channels to distribute our product/service.

Naval Ravikant says Traction is basically quantitative evidence of customer demand. So if you are in enterprise software, initial traction maybe two or three early customers who are paying a bit; if you are in consumer software the bar might be as high as hundreds of thousands of users.

Traction helps to underline the mistakes entrepreneurs make in their business. It teaches us the importance of relentlessly testing and gathering as much data as possible to improve the product.

Another lesson I learned, is that I was not using enough channels to drive the traffic to my company to move the needle.

Most founders use only traction channels with which they are already familiar or those they think should be using because of their type of product or company.

It’s hard to predict the traction channel that will work best. You can make educated guesses, but until you start running tests, it’s difficult to tell which channel is the best one for you right now.

Traction is a wonderful book for online entrepreneurs who wants to leverage multiple channels to bring a constant flow of leads and nurture them. Traction elaborate traction channels that can be game-changing for the startup.

Here are 19 Traction channels to generate traffic for your website:

  1. Targeting Blogs
  2. Publicity
  3. Unconventional PR
  4. Search engine markeing
  5. Social and Display Ads
  6. Offline Ads
  7. SEO
  8. Content Marketing
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Engineering as Marketing
  11. Viral Marketing
  12. Business Development
  13. Sales
  14. Affiliate Programs.
  15. Existing Platforms
  16. Trade Shows
  17. Offline events
  18. Speaking engagements
  19. Community building.



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