Six quick business learning from The Billion Dollar Secret

“One must still have chaos in oneself to be able to give birth to a dancing star.” — Friedrich Nietzsche.

The Six Skills of Business Mastery.

It’s quite obvious that in order to do business you need common sense, but you also need to think logically. Realize that your brain is your most valuable asset. And the better you can use it, the further you will get.

Other people can be your greatest obstacle or your vehicle to success. Learn to cope with them. — Rafael Badziag.

Understanding what they want, and enabling them to achieve their goals while helping you to achieve yours, determines your success.

Doing business means building a relationship with people. The people you have around you determine your future.

You need to choose them carefully. The depth of your relationship matters the most, not the size of your network.

Communication and storytelling are indispensable in public relations, marketing, and also sales. Remember this: Storytelling is everything.

Without sales, there is no business! if you want to be successful in business, become a good salesperson. All the billionaires, the author interviewed for this book are excellent salespeople.

“Business is a team effort. It’s not just money; it’s the involvement of other people in the process. Some people are very successful because they are strong individual performers. A 100-meter-run guy can run very fast. Team sports are different than that. If the coach says ‘You run that way and you run the other way, you are getting yanked off the team. You are not going to be on the field too long.” — Jack Cowin

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